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War and Magic

Kingdom Reborn

GOAT Games
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Android Version version
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Age ratingPEGI-7
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Description of War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn is strategy war game for Android on which real-time and turn-based game modes are combined for users to enjoy the best of each world. Millions of players have already downloaded War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn in their Android devices to participate in a role-playing simulation title that adds a chessboard component. The best part, is that in War and Magic, you get to not only fight other lords but also to manage an empire with cities and armies 

The first thing you will find after downloading War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn in your Android device is a pretty useful tutorial about the controls, the dynamics and the gameplay. Although this strategy wargame is pretty easy to play and understand, it is always good to get to know the key aspects of a game right from the very beginning. This tutorial will only focus on how to get things done in War and Magic in terms of usability and UX, but all the strategy needed to become a warlord and destroy your enemies will depend on you. 

As with most strategy games based on open war, you will need to create the foundations of your empire in the form of a city. In War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn you will find a lot of buildings with specific functionalities, which will be crucial for your strategy to work. Each of the different buildings will open the door to new army elements, new weapons, or even new powers, so you’ll need to give it a good though before investing resources and time in each one of these buildings. In War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn progress is constant and you will find a lot of in-game missions that will help you to build up your city from scratch. You will pretty quickly understand the function of the buildings you will need to have in your city, like the hospital to maintain the health of your army, a farm to provide them with food, or a sawmill to get new tools and gear. The level of detail in War and Magic is pretty impressive, so be ready to quite an immersive experience! 

But strategy is not only about doing administration in your own city... Although building and upgrading your city is pretty important to achieve new horizons, in War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn you will need to be ready for war at all times. The game play combines both real-time and turn-based tactical gameplays which makes that, on the one hand, the fun is absolutely real and real players will be fighting your strategy, and on the other hand, you will really need to thing about your moves, your attacks and your defenses since the battlefield will keep getting more and more complicated as you progress in the game. The combat system in War and Magic is turn-based in a hexagonal grid, so the possibilities offered in terms of move are only comparable to the possibilities regarding army type. The huge number of different characters and heroes that you will find in War and Magic is just amazing: from crossbowmen, guards or priestesses to even vampires. Once you start creating your army you will realize that the possible are almost endless, so be ready for an incredible amount of hours of entertainment since the moment you download War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn in your Android device. 

In War and Magic guilds are pretty important to make sure you have your teamworking skills ready. This will be a corner-stone in your path to domination of the realm since you will be able to share not only resources but also the troops. There is even a specific type of skills that you will achieve only through your alliance, so choose your colleagues wisely! 

Download War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn now to access an amazing world of turn-based strategy in your Android device. 

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Other versions
What's new1. New Flora Fiesta event: All-new Flora Goddess Domain debuts2. New Skin Wishlist: Lords can now select the Skins they want, allowing allies with those Skins to quickly view and gift them3. Shrine Expedition Optimizations4. New Spectre Dungeon event: Challenge the skill-mutated Reaping Servant to win rare rewards5. Introducing a new Moon-attribute magical output hero - “Blood Elf Ellos”

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33 Reviews
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War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn - APK Information

APK Version: com.stgl.global
Android compatability: 5.1+ (Lollipop)
Developer:GOAT GamesPrivacy Policy:https://www.goatgames.com/privacy.htmlPermissions:21
Name: War and Magic: Kingdom RebornSize: 412 MBDownloads: 32.5KVersion : Date: 2024-04-16 07:27:41Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
Package ID: com.stgl.globalSHA1 Signature: 85:9F:82:AB:C8:09:21:26:ED:4A:90:32:E0:14:BE:52:2C:B4:D2:E2Developer (CN): XngOrganization (O): "Zhuhai wenjing technology co.Local (L): ZhuhaiCountry (C): CNState/City (ST): Guangdong

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